Why Medal Depot

Medal Depot is dedicated to providing our customers with the best product possible! We will continue to strive to make Medal Depot your first choice for the best products. 
Our medal hanger produced by high precision Laser-Cut Machine, moreover also used of high grade stainless steel,at 4 times of cost compare to other makers. The medal hanger also come with accessories(screw, spacer, washer) all in stainless steel to ensure product long lasting and great outlook. The most important is, its easy to install. 

Medals act as most memorable souvenir after every accomplishments. So, proper and systematic way to display is very important to keep it forever. Thus, don't just simply keep inside drawer or box. Respect the medal, respect your accomplishment.
"Respect your medal, respect your achievement."

Why Stainless Steel

How your medals condition after keep for few years?
Rust? Oxidation? Color dull? shape change? and hard to maintain and clean?

How you think if medal make by "Stainless Steel"
Please refer to photo attached

Stainless Steel Medal

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